Friday, January 18, 2008

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine's Day, you will relish, if you are in love. You are in love if the wind is now dancing in your hair, oceans are massaging your thoughts, and the earth is traveling with you across challenges. It's love that is making your life a perfumed garden and you are finding yourself in the dim twilight and the fountain singing to it. Cupid has struck you and you are eyeing your valentine.How do you get to know that you are in love or someone is in love with you? Here are some hints.

* Body language is the main source of giving the hint or understanding what he or she has in mind. So, notice if the person stares at you or the eyeballs gets dilated, frequently smile or does not make a eye contact while talking to you.
* Those who are the outgoing ones may do a bit more like licking of lips in front of the person they like or tilt the head to make sideways glances to send out the signals.
* If you find that the person is asking your whereabouts to your friends or is very much trying to follow you in words or gesture, then it would be clear indication he or she is interested.
* There are some other gestures like women often do twirling of hair or crossing or uncrossing of legs, men thrust their shoulders back and chest outward or make comments about their jobs, position etc.

If you are getting all these positive signs, then don't hesitate to ask your new love of going out together. Just ask her out. Even if you are a girl, don't wait for the guy making the first step.

While going out together, you can buy any of the valentines day gift mentioned below. These are some nice valentines day gift ideas by that you can give a pleasant surprise to your dear valentine and say "I love You".

Write Your Own Conversation Hearts Candy Jar
Sweethearts Message In A Bottle
Valentine's Day Jar Filled with Personal Messages
Valentine Fortune Cookies
I Love You Bears in Chair
Valentine's Day Car Magnets
Personalized Valentine's Day Magazine Cover
Love Gun
Love and Kisses Candy Bouquet
Sweet Treats Candy Bar Cake
Valentine's Special Bath Soaps
Embroidered Personalized Valentine Blanket
"Be My Valentine" Pillowcases
Fancy Hearts Valentine Bouquet of Cookies
One Dozen Long Stemmed Valentine's Roses
Sterling Silver Pave CZ Heart Engraved Message Ring
Potted Valentine's Day Azalea
Heart Shape Acrylic Valentine Plaque with Cupid
Strawberry Heart Cheesecake
Valentine's Day Giant Fortune Cookie
Personalized Valentine Wine Cooler
Box of 4 Chocolate Dipped Oreos for Valentine's Day
Love Rats
Personalized Valentines Forever Bear
Heart Shaped Chocolate Pizza
Key to My Heart Necklace
Valentine's Day Cupcakes

How To Know You're In Love

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