Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flow And Consciousness

For a long time, I had been saying that everything is "thought" in essence, and "energy" in nature. But somehow I knew that that was lacking something. "Thought" is either too intellectual, lacking heart and soul, or it is too much information oriented, i.e. only memory or data, thus lacking substance.

Also "energy" is somewhat too physical. Furthermore, "energy" itself is really of the same essence as everything else, namely the so called "thought".

Until it dawned upon me that the problem had been that I was trying to understand the world in a quantitative way. I was being a reductionist without realizing it. How can I even try to reduce things to "thought" as the "thing" which is the essence of everything including energy, and "energy" as the "thing" which is the nature of everything, including "thought".

The flaw however, I realized was not in my definition of things so much as in my approach. If I want to define the world and everything in it, I can only define it qualitatively, in terms of an intangible, not a thing.

Now I realize that where my thinking was leading to was right, but the milestone that I had reached was not the end, but simply a stepping stone to move from quantity to quality.

Now I realize that the essence of everything, physical or non-physical, tangible or intangible, is "consciousness". "Thought" is simply an aspect or dimension of "consciousness". This new definition, namely "consciousness", has a heart and a soul, because other dimensions or aspects of "consciousness" include "love" and "faith".

Furthermore, the nature of everything is "flow" or "flux". "Energy" is simply a physical entity that flows. But so do life, matter, knowledge, money, power, relationships and everything else, physical or ethereal, tangible or intangible.

Not only that, the essence of "flow" is "consciousness", and the nature of "consciousness" is "flow", whether it is thought, love or faith.

It is interesting to see that the whole physical, quantitative universe that we live in is made up of simply qualitative and descriptive definitions. And that these definitions are inter-related and interdependent. That one describes the nature of the other, while the other defines the essence of the first.

How sweet it is to realize that all that exists can only be reduced to quality, if it can be reduced at all.

Choice or Destiny? - A Paradoxical Union!

The paradoxical union of the predestined and the evolving symbolizes the essence of our quest, .... where the predestined is the product of the noosphere (collective mind), the general and global, while the evolving is the product of the individual mind, the specific and personal.

This is how our universe was designed and created, purposefully, yet allowing for freedom of choice.

Our challenge is to align our individual minds, choices and lives with that of the general and global.

This can be achieved through any number of ways, and using any number of tools, ranging from meditation to mythology, and from scientific search to selfless service. Truth, beauty, humor, justice, love, detachment, discipline are but a few ways of reaching this union.

Through the achievement of this paradoxical union, one becomes a self-actualized human being and transcends the levels of ordinary existence to live a purposeful, grounded spiritual life. This is the way of co-creation. To discover the general mission and purpose of the universe, and to align oneself with it, with the freedom of expression of one's own gifts and talents to bring this renewal about. This is the way of renewing the world, and renewing oneself. This is the path to happiness and enlightenment. This is happiness and enlightenment.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Missing You Love Poems, I Miss you poetry, Missing you my love

What actually we need to communicate to others? The answer is 'Expression'. When we want to pass our expression to others we talk, we share. But the situation becomes tough when we can't express our deepest feelings, deepest emotions, passion by words. When words fail, then comes poetry and music. If you really miss your near and loved ones, then miss you love poems and I miss you love poetry is the best way to express your true feelings to your loved ones. Here are some missing you poems, miss you love poetry, I miss you love poems. Check these out.

I Miss You Still
by Shannon

Where to start?
The seventh grade, your quirky sence of style and your passion for life drew my to you.
Your smile, was so warm and inviting, I could almost feel myself melt into it when you smiled.
Your eyes, the blackest of black, showed your every emotion.
We were almost nothing alike, we didnt have the same friends, sence of style, or love for music.
But I was drawn to you.
Some might have called it a schoolgirls crush, others a joke..but there was feeling there, a feeling that I never felt before.
You told your friends that you liked me, and they turned their noses up at me, being in a different group was hard, but we wanted it so badly.
December 12th, the school dance, you made me the happiest girl ever, we were finally together.
You were my first kiss, you held a special place in my heart.
A month and a half had passed, we were arguing constantly, and I being the fool that I was, broke it off with you.
A short 2 weeks later, when I was thinking about apoliqizing, I got the call.
"Hes dead" She cried,
"found in his living room"
My world became blurry, my eyes opened up like floodgates.
My knees got weak, and I wept.
Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing that I have ever done. Your face so pale and lifeless, your smile that once welcomed all, was now cold and lifeless. Your eyes, showed no emotion.
Two years later, I think of everyday, and I Still Miss You

I miss you daddy
by Dana Marie

Daddy come back.
I want you back.
Why did you have to go.
It's just not the same without you.
We still get mail with your name on it.
It makes me sad every time i see the envelopes.
Mommy's always crying.
She's always yelling too.
She makes me cry a lot but not as much as you.
I'm always thinking about you.
Your always making me teary-eyed.
I love you daddy why did you have to go.
I miss you a lot but you obviously don't know.
Otherwise you wouldn't have had to go.
God makes me mad because he took you away.
It's hard not to cry in church but i go anyway.
Sometimes when I'm all alone and i have time to think.
I think about you and i cry and cry and cry.
Some people think "oh you should be over this"
But then i think to myself you don't know how it feels to be in this pain
or to how hard it is to make it go away.
Councilors try to help me but they don't help at all.
My head hurts all the time, especially when I'm about to cry.
Its hard to type down these words as tears blur up my eyes.
When i try to speak about you i choke and then i start to cry
I miss you daddy why did you have to go.

You're always there for me
by Jaime

You're always there for me through both the good times and the bad.
You're always there to laugh with, or to help me when I'm sad.
Down at the mall even though we had no money.
Laughing at anything and everything, yet none of it was funny.
Walking around the block, or watching movies all day,
We never really ran out of things to say.
We howled at the full moons, would spin at parks until we were sick,
Helping each other through both thin and thick.
You live only two hours away now, but it seems so far.
I wish I could be down there, where you are.
No longer can we stay up late, talking all night long,
Trying to figure out, how things can go so wrong.
Why do two of the best friends you'll ever know,
Have to be split up, because one is forced to go?
If you ever need to talk, then just pick up the phone,
I know right now you feel it, but you're definitly not alone.
Although you may be feeling, somewhat out of touch,
Never forget that your London Friends love you very much.

I Miss You

I miss the touch of your hand in mine.
Your love warms me like the morning sun shine.

I miss your breath on my ear as we embrace.
I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face.

I miss the air we exchange when we kiss.
Holding you tightly in my arms is what I miss.

I close my eyes and I feel your love raining down on me.
I open them and I tear when I realize you are not near.
by WannaB

Missing You Poems & Dark Poems, Depressing Poems, Death Poetry


Babs Cunningham, USA


I Still Feel Alone, a poem by Babs Cunningham from USA

I Still Feel Alone

It has been a very blue day
Naturally, it's Monday
There is a thick curtain-like veil
Over my world today
I have lost all perspective
Or maybe today I see things clearly
Like a moment of clarity
And every other day of my existence
Was seen through rose colored glasses

I feel like an unwelcome stranger
In my own home
"Knock, knock....can I come in or is this a bad time?"

Why am I left alone to "deal" with
All of my anxiety by myself?
Why do you discard me like a book that
You have already read
Putting me back on the shelf?
Why are you there and I am here?
Where is your sense of perception
That I need you near?
Why am I always left here shedding
These tears of my own?
Why, when you are here with me,
Do I still feel alone?