Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Choice or Destiny? - A Paradoxical Union!

The paradoxical union of the predestined and the evolving symbolizes the essence of our quest, .... where the predestined is the product of the noosphere (collective mind), the general and global, while the evolving is the product of the individual mind, the specific and personal.

This is how our universe was designed and created, purposefully, yet allowing for freedom of choice.

Our challenge is to align our individual minds, choices and lives with that of the general and global.

This can be achieved through any number of ways, and using any number of tools, ranging from meditation to mythology, and from scientific search to selfless service. Truth, beauty, humor, justice, love, detachment, discipline are but a few ways of reaching this union.

Through the achievement of this paradoxical union, one becomes a self-actualized human being and transcends the levels of ordinary existence to live a purposeful, grounded spiritual life. This is the way of co-creation. To discover the general mission and purpose of the universe, and to align oneself with it, with the freedom of expression of one's own gifts and talents to bring this renewal about. This is the way of renewing the world, and renewing oneself. This is the path to happiness and enlightenment. This is happiness and enlightenment.

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