Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caring Love Poems, I care for you so deeply Love Rhymes

I care for you so deeply
--By Christi Heer

I care for you so deeply.
My heart beats for your slightest touch.

Your voice sings to me so sweetly
That I want to be with you ever so much.

I think about you always,
Sometimes with concern and despair.

I want to mean something to you
No matter what the heartache I may bare.

You have such an aura about you,
One that makes me weak in the knees.

I get so nervous around you,
It's hard to keep these butterflies at ease.

Your eyes reach deep inside me
This is why I try to hide.

I fear that you'll see everything
Opening my heart up even more wide.

When your breath caresses my lips
And our bodies are intertwined,

I can't help but feel your heart pounding,
Wanting these moments to be only mine.

You have such a power within in you
A responsibility not taken to lightly.

To you I would graciously give everything,
If it was me you could smile for so brightly.

I'm not asking you to give me your everything,
Just an honest woman I want to be.

To hold you and kiss you and love you,
To take all your hurt and set it free.

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